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Barbeque Plans Simple and Easy Guide in Creating Your Own Barbeque

Barbeque PlansA barbeque party is always something that most people look forward to. Because of this, it’s always exciting to throw a barbeque party in your own home. Barbeque plans can come in handy if you want to build a barbeque and you can choose to build either a temporary barbeque or a permanent barbeque using barbeque plans.

How to build a temporary barbeque

A temporary barbeque is very convenient for the spur-of-the-moment barbeque party, when you simply want to have a barbeque on a beautiful sunny day, or when you are throwing a barbeque party and finding out that your barbeque have become rusty or broken. A temporary barbeque is a quick-fix solution for these instances and you could use outdoor barbeque plans to help you in building a temporary barbeque on your lawn or backyard.

A temporary barbeque is easy to build. You need two pieces of bricks, a roasting tray that’s approximately 8 cm deep, metal rack, paper, kindling and coal.

First, put the bricks on even ground or fireproof surface and place the roasting tray on top of the bricks.

Second, create a pyramid in the roasting tray using the balled-up paper, kindling and coal.

Third, light the paper, kindling and coal. When the fire burns down and the coals are white hot, put the metal rack on top of the roasting tray.

How to build a permanent barbeque

A permanent barbeque is more difficult to build. You need more time, effort and skill in building a permanent barbeque but with the help of brick barbeque plans, you could create one. If you think you do not possess the proper skill in DIY projects or bricklaying, you should seek the help of experts. It’s important that you test the stability of the finished barbeque. If it’s a little bit unstable, disassemble it to prevent accidents and injuries.

The materials to be used in building a permanent barbeque are bricks, barbeque grill set which includes a coal pan and metal rack, building sand, cement, trowel, spirit level, brick cutting equipments like hammer and chisel, protective goggles, and gloves.

Steps in building a permanent barbeque

Choose the location to where your barbeque would stand. The size Barbeque Plansand shape of your barbeque depend on the grill’s width and depth. The height of your barbeque should be leveled with your waist to make your cooking more comfortable.

Put a layer of bricks that would surround the three sides of your grill. There’s no need to put a layer on the side where the chef would stand. Put a mark on the position of the bricks then remove the bricks.

Add one part of cement to five parts of soft building sand. Mix it with water to make a stiff consistency.

Put the first layer of mortar on the marked position and put the first layer of bricks on top of the mortar. Spread another layer of mortar and put another layer of bricks, this time alternate the vertical joints by half a brick to make the traditional “brick wall pattern”. Cut the bricks if necessary and always use the spirit level. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the desired height where the coal tray is to be placed, approximately 4 layers lower than the height where the grill is to be placed.

Turn the bricks on the shorter walls toward the center to create a ledge. Add three layers of bricks on its normal position. On the fourth layer, repeat the process of creating a ledge to support the grill tray.

Building a barbeque is easy if you use barbeque plans. There are many types of barbeque plans that are available and you could choose the one which suits your needs.