The Pergola Plans

Guide to Bird House Plans

Bird fanatics would discover a house for them or low-cost cage and extremely enjoyable to build especially if there is a bird house plan that would serve as their ultimate guide. Bird house plans come in different sizes and shapes so it is very important that you know what kind of bird house you want to build before you start searching for bird house plans.

Finding bird houses plans is not a difficult task nowadays, you can make use of the WWW and check for various house plans for birds or several bird house plans for free conceptualized by your fellow bird enthusiasts.

Two things to remember when planning to build a bird house:

It is important that you have a clear bird house plan before you start doing something. Also bear in mind that the finished bird house must be well-built, it must be rain-proof and sturdy, and most of all it must be easily accessible in case you want to clean it.

1.) Choose wood as the primary material.
The very first thing that you must consider is the materials that you will use. Of course, wood is the first in the list; avoid using metals because it has a tendency to become too cold during winter or too hot during summer. Using plastic is not also widely recommended because it’s difficult to work with; same thing with cardboard, this material will not last for a long time.

2.) Look for a bird house plan and modify it if needed.
When searching for bird house plans you must remember that the house plan must be bird-friendly. You may need to change the design if you feel that it will be friendlier to your pet.

Here are few tips that you may want to consider when making a good bird house:

  • Leave at least 2 inches of overhang to protect the entrance hole from rain.
  • Drill at least four holes near each corner of the floor to allow for drainage.
  • Insert little number of holes beneath the roof to provide proper ventilation when the weather gets hot.
  • The house must be put together by using screws not glue or nails so that you could easily access it when cleaning.
  • The entrance hole must be near the roof and it must be large enough to accommodate your bird; but make sure that it is not too large because it will put your pet at risk.
  • It is a good idea too if the inside walls will be roughen; you may also add horizontal grooves if possible to help the young birds in climbing. This type of effect could be done through chisel or jigsaw but make sure to smooth away the splinters that might harm the hatchlings.
  • Bird house must be in a place where natural predators couldn’t reach it. The opening must not face any prevailing wind and as much as possible, it must not be absolutely shaded.
  • Make sure to avoid gloss paints and bright colors.
  • Leave the inside part of the house unpainted and avoid using varnishes as much as possible.
  • It is also necessary that bird house shouldn’t be placed too close to another bird house.

Now that you already knew some basic tips about bird house plans, you can already try looking for blue bird house plans or any bird house plan that you want for your bird or birds.