The Pergola Plans

Building Pergola Plans Attached to House

Everyone building a pergola in their homes wish they could recreate something that is equally beautiful like other structures such as Roman inspired designs. But, what really comes into consideration here is the budget you will have to spend if you really want to have something that intricate. Another is not everyone has the skills or ability to actually complete it. So, what most people look into is one that is very easy to build, even by them selves without needing the help or service of a contractor. However, this does not mean that you have to spend so much to get a pergola you want. This may not be an easy project to get started on, but a good way to set up a pergola is going for attached pergola plans. And, you could achieve a very nice looking pergola that your family or friends will actually adore with pergola plans DIY.

Most houses nowadays are seen to have a little deck by the kitchen or master bedroom. But then, these decks are not being put into use since the sun directly hits this part, and you won’t even get to spend time telling stories or hanging out, especially during the summer season. Also, direct and extreme sunlight could actually do so much damage to the deck boards. So, the solution you will find that people resort to is adding a pergola in their home. This will actually minimize the sun hitting the patio or deck, minimizing damage, and allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with protection from the sun and heat.

This does not mean that you have to have your pergola plans attached to the house. There are so many options you can choose from for your pergola plans, like free-standing constructions that are built farther from the structure of your home. You need to know what the difference of stand-alone and attached pergola plans, to help you understand the use of each.

Attached Pergola Plans

Pergolas attached to your home’s already available structure is the easiest to get done. This could either be the side of your home, the garage, or any structure of your home. What makes attached pergola plans easy is you are actually using an existing structure to help build your pergola. This requires fewer materials to use, less planning, and getting it done in a shorter period of time, saving you even more money. Having deck is also an advantage for attached pergola plans, as it gives a foundation readily to place your posts in. And, all you need for pergola plans DIY is to attach to the side of your house the ledger on which the rafters will be propped on. Once you get these constructed the right way, attached pergola plans will definitely be easy to complete and achieve.

Stand-Alone Pergola Plans

Another option you may have aside from attached pergola plans are stand alone pergolas. Stand alone pergolas can look more attractive as compared to attached pergolas, but it also requires more skill to build. Since you do not have an existing structure to build on, you will have to construct a foundation from scratch. You have to make sure that it is sturdy enough to keep it from blowing away with very strong winds. You’ll have to take into consideration a number of things before actually proceeding. Unlike attached pergola plans, you will have to be digging holes to set your posts on, and this may require you to make contact with utility companies first to make sure you do not damage any gas or cable lines buried underneath. They will then come over and determine the exact location the cables are situated at. With this type of pergola, it may cost more as it requires more skill, and you may need a professional to get the job done.

Building a pergola mostly depends on the budget you actually have or are willing to spend. If you do not wish to spend too much just to get a pergola, you may opt for attached pergola plans which are more inexpensive and easiest to achieve. Stand alone pergolas may require you to shed out more money to make sure it is built the right way. However, whichever option you choose, whether it’s a stand alone or attached pergola plans, make sure you decide on it well before proceeding, to ensure that you do not spend money on unnecessary costs.