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Free and Low Cost Bird feeder plans

Most bird lovers as much as possible would always want to avail free bird feeder plansor at least low cost bird feeder plans to comfort their birds.

Bird feeders need not to be expensive; you just need to look for a bird feeder plan that would serve as your own guide. Then after finding a bird feeder plan that suits your taste, you can start creating a low cost bird feeder by using wood glue, wood scrap, dowel rods, plastic sheets and paint.

But before making or searching for bird feeder plan, it's most important that you understand first the basic necessities of your birds. Obviously, your birds would require constant feeding, visit and of course a spacious and clean environment.

They also need spacious area, a well-covered house, and tree branches to step on. Now, considering these factors, it means that your bird feeder must be large enough and must have a sturdy roof that could prevent the direct impact of rain and sunlight.

To give you an idea as to how to make a simple kind of various feeder plans for bird; here is the procedure that you can follow:

  • First, collect all the materials needed for the project.
  • Second, cut the wood according to the size that you want and draw sketches on the area where you are going to attach the woods or plastic sheets.
  • Third, spread the wood glue on the sketches and join the other wood pieces; wait until they are fully dried up.
  • Fourth, focus on the roof; make sure that it is a movable type so that you can remove it every time you will clean or put seeds or water on the feeder.
  • Last step is the finishing touch; you can paint the cage to make it more attractive.

Essentially, the aforementioned steps are the basic steps used to make a simple bird feeder. Thus, you can make adjustments, or add different embellishments like artificial branches, leaves, etc depending on your personal taste.

Three common types of Bird Feeder Plans

1.) Hopper Feeders

This type of feeder is the most common type. This kind of plan would need you to create a small house with a huge platform at the bottom that is primarily designed to prevent the seeds from spilling on the floor. It is advisable that the roof of this small house could be lifted off to refill the feeder with seeds.

2.) Tube Feeders

Tube feeder is used to attract small birds. Tube feeder is usually made of plastic; but you can also use wood provided that you have a bird feeder plan. Wooden tube feeder is typically tall and rectangular in shape with one inch holes drilled all around the tube feeder. Small perches are attached below each hole so that those small birds would be able to hang on and feed themselves.

3.) Suet Feeders

Suet feeder is great to use during winter time. Suet feeders could be built in so many ways; in fact there are some free bird feeder plans that you can make use of. The basic step is to build a small cage suspended from a cord or rope. This kind of feeder is used to attract larger kinds of birds.

There are many bird feeder plans available out there; your choices are not limited. Thus, you can try making any of these three feeders and enjoy the wonderful scenery of birds visiting your own feeders.