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Gazebo Plans - Guiding You as You Build Your Own Gazebo

If you have decided to add a gazebo in your garden or backyard, then it is a wise decision. Having a gazebo in your garden enhances the beauty of the landscape and you can enjoy hosting parties in it, read a book, have a cup of coffee, or drink beer with your buddies inside it. A gazebo also increases the value of your property and it can be considered as an investment. In making a gazebo, you will be needing gazebo plans to help you in the construction of your gazebo.

There are many online sites that offers rectangular gazebo plans and they have a wide variety of rectangular gazebo plans to choose from. These will give you detailed and step-by-step instructions on how to build your own gazebo.

The first thing that it will teach you is how to post the layout. It differ in post layout because some gazebo plans need the post to be bolted into wood or cement flooring while other gazebo plans require cementation of the post into the ground. Aside from timber or cement flooring, tile or slate are also ideal for gazebo flooring.

After you’ve made your layout, it’s time to cement the posts. It would take at least two persons to cement the post. One person will hold the post in position while the other person will put the cement into the whole. Be sure that the posts are in upright position.

When the cement is dry, you can trim your post if it is longer than your desired height. Place the head beams on top of the poles and nail them together.

A gazebo plan will give you a list of materials and tools that you would need in constructing your own gazebo. It will also teach you how to make the roof and the hand rails. You could personalize your gazebo by making your own design on the roof and hand rails.

Tips to Consider in Building Your Own Gazebo

First, in building your gazebo by yourself, you are likely to save more money. Buying a ready-made gazebo is very expensive and by making one by yourself enables you to save money.

Second, you’ll have the freedom to choose the design and make it according to your style. You can mix and match the features from the gazebo plans and come up with a single and unique gazebo.

Third, making your own gazebo means you have to construct it yourself. You might think that it is hard, but actually it is not, because the materials and wood could be pre-cut and all you have to do is put them together and create your own design to make it look better.

Fourth, you should choose a gazebo plan which uses concrete for mounting of the post and post anchors to secure the post. A good gazebo plan will explain how the depth of a post in a specific weather zone is different from the depth of the post in a different weather zone and how it all affects the stability of the gazebo.

Lastly, if the leveling and measuring were not done properly, it will show in the roof of the gazebo. Make sure that all the posts are leveled and measured properly so that the roof will be balanced.

Making your own gazebo is easy if you have a good gazebo plan to help you out through the process. You could save a lot of money and be proud of the finished product at the same time.