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Potting Bench Plans

Is it your first time to hear potting bench? Or have you heard it lately but you are not sure where to place it?  Potting bench is a type of workbench primarily used for small to medium gardening tasks. A simple potting bench offers a comfortable work surface, good for people who could no longer bend their bodies for a long time. Moreover, you can place potting bench on your patio to make it more beautiful.  So in order to achieve a good potting bench, it’s suggested that you look for potting bench plans that would serve as your perfect guide to analyze the type of bench as well as the design that you want.

Potting bench is considered as a passive part of home; however, it plays an active role in the garden therefore, the design of the potting bench must be taken into consideration.

With the aid of potting bench plans it will be easier for you to decide on what size of bench you are going to buy and the features that you would consider helpful.

Furthermore, when looking for potting bench plans remember that the potting bench that you’re looking for must be easy to use and it must not be too fancy. You may also include in your plans the legless type of potting bench or you may also make a design of potting bench that you want. Actually, there are various free potting plans for bench available online; you just need to invest time in making research through internet.

Building a simple potting bench

Potting bench are always exposed to atmospheric moisture, sunlight, water and soil; thus it becomes vulnerable to microbial attacks or termites. Considering all these factors, a pressure treated wood is the best material for making potting benches; this kind of wood is resistant to rot. There are also possible options for potting benches; you may use a lightweight plastic that is less expensive but it is less durable compared to wood. Now here are the basic steps and tools needed in making a simple potting bench:

  • You need a small and large squares, measuring tape, hooks, screws, nuts, and hinges
  • The first step is to make a sketch of potting bench plan; make sure to include all the features that you want. You may add partitions or soil storage bins. If you’re planning to put the potting bench on your patio, then you may want to add roofing to protect your plants from the changing weather. During this process, various potting bench plans might be of great help to you. You can also believe inserting separations and soil storage bin underside the work surface. Roofing might be required to defend from ruthless and rainy conditions If you are thinking to put the potting bench outdoors.
  • After finalizing the design of potting bench that you want to accomplish, you can already start purchasing renovation wood and slice it according to the desired sizes. Make sure to cut it accurately so that it will be easier to fix. Make sure as well that the joints are properly aligned. Once you finished cutting the jointed parts and put the joints together, then assembling the entire potting bench will no longer require a long time.
  • Once the potting bench is already done, you can apply the foam to lessen water inclusion and increase longevity.

The basic rule when making a potting bench is to look for potting bench plans; choose the best plan and consider the tips mentioned earlier so that you’ll get the kind of potting bench that you want.