The Pergola Plans

Different Pergola Designs To Suit Every Person's Style

Pergolas are now becoming famous in the neighborhood and among homeowners. Aside from providing shade during the hot weather, it can also serve as a garden’s focal point by placing plants inside the pergola. Your pergola can be very interesting to look at especially if you have climbing plants or vines with flowers that wind its way in your pergola’s poles. There are different styles of pergola designs that you could choose from, depending on your budget and your personal style or taste. These pergola designs can be an eye candy while having additional purposes and feature to your pergola. All you need is to use your imagination and creativity, especially if you are making your own pergola designs. There can be no limit in making your own pergola design as long as you have your imagination running and you are continuously visualizing what you would want your garden or landscape to look like.

Every pergola is considered to be unique because it is the product of the owner’s imagination and creativity. Therefore, each pergola design plan is definitely one of a kind. Pergola designs vary in size as they vary in function. If you are looking for a design that provides excellent shelter against hot weather or harsh wind, you could use canvas to cover your pergola’s roof. You may also allow vines to crawl on top of your pergola. This is quite common nowadays because it looks great and eye-catching. The commonly used plant or vine is the grape vine, though it may not work for everyone because grape vines or any vine with fruits and flowers attract insects and bees. If you don’t want insects and bees hovering in and about your pergola, it may not be wise to put plants with fruits or flowers in it.

As compared to garden arbors which do not go beyond 3 feet deep and 7 feet tall, pergola designs can be very wide and large enough to cover the whole patio or deck. You could integrate it with your home by making pergola design plans that attaches your pergola into your deck or patio, making it a part of your home instead of an isolated structure in your garden or yard.

Garden arbors may be similar to small pergolas and people may think that both garden structures are the same. The difference between the two structures lies on their roof. A garden arbor’s roof is arched while a small pergola’s roof is flat. Small pergola designs can be used to mark the entrance or exit of a place. These pergola designs have gates that mark the entrance of a certain place. It could mark the entrance to your backyard or garden. These pergola designs usually have latticed designs which are perfect for climbing vines because it is much easier for the vine to wind its way up using the latticed iron grills.

Some pergola design plans have provision for benches. If your pergola designs have two sides that reach to the ground, these could be used as legs or support for the bench. All you need to do is place a wood or any type of material that you could use on top of these sides and you’ll have your bench ready for you to sit upon.

To make your pergola more unique, you could use your pergola to support hanging flower baskets or garden art such as pinwheels. You could also place additional decorations to your pergola by putting metal stars, sun dials and thermometers on the sides of your pergola.