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Garden Trellis - The Ideal Structure for Your Garden Landscape

Garden trellis is a nice addition to your garden because it enhances the beauty of your landscape. It’s stylish while being functional and there are various designs and sizes that you could choose from, depending on your style, taste and the material used to make it.

You can bring out the beauty of your garden trellis by putting it against a fixed structure. This way, its design will stand out. If it’s placed in your garden to serve as support for climbing plants, it’s better to choose a simple trellis because if you’re going to put a trellis with intricate design, the design could be covered by the climbing plant and the intricate design would be wasted.

Different Sizes and Shapes of Garden Trellis

The size and shape of a garden trellis design depends on its function. If you’re going to use it as support, it wouldbe best to consider the pattern of growth of the plant. If the plant is small and potted, use a small trellis. But if you’regoing to use it as support for climbing plants, it’s best to use a taller trellis. If you’re going to put it in a container, be sure to measure the width, height and stake dimension and provide an allowance for the plant’s growth.

If you’re going to put it against a fixed structure, measure the height of the structure and determine the best way to attach it. The attachment should be sturdy and stable, and should complement the structure. If it can stand alone and serve as a backdrop to your garden, then there’s no problem when it comes to its height. A large trellis can be a focal point in the garden.

Metal Garden trellises

Cast-iron, copper, painted or fatigued metal makes a beautiful contrast among the plants in your garden and it offers the best support for plants. A contemporary look can be achieved with the use of a simple metal frame with shiny finish while a floral or latticed design gives you an Old World feel. If you’re going to use a metal trellis, consider its function in your garden and the climate condition. If it’s going to support a plant, its thickness should be enough to hold the plant. Painted metal frames are not recommended to support climbing plants.

Wood Garden Trellises

Wood garden trellis designs compliment a cottage-themed, farm or country style garden. Unfinished redwood and antiqued wood is ideal for a natural look and requires less maintenance while a painted wood trellis adds color to your garden but requires regular maintenance.

Uses of a Garden Trellis

It can be used as a divider. You can use it to divide your garden into small parts with different themes and cover it with honeysuckle, clematis or morning glory.

You can also use it as decoration to a blank wall. Turn a boring wall into an interesting focal point by placing trellis in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal manner.

Another use of a garden trellis is to cover unwanted areas like compost heaps, bottles and bins. You can add a gate to prohibit children from getting near it.

It can also be used to increase the height of your wall. You don’t need permits to add a trellis so this makes it an easier, cheaper and faster way to increase the height of your wall.

Lastly, a garden trellis can be used to support thick vines and plants. Just put it in the area where you want your vines to grow and that’s it!